Association Law

Gaskill Law Firm handles all aspects of association law in Florida, and our legal team assists homeowner associations, condominium associations, and individual home owners with a wide range of legal concerns. We provide thoughtful guidance to facilitate efficient resolutions whenever possible.

Association Matters We Can Address

We represent association clients ranging from small neighborhood or single-building associations to extensive master-planned communities. We can assist associations with many complex legal concerns, including:

  • Amending existing governing documents
  • Collection of past-due assessments
  • Construction contracts, defects, and disputes
  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation
  • Corporate governance counsel
  • Creation and adoption of covenants and restrictions
  • Defending against legal claims by owners
  • Drafting, reviewing, and interpreting governing regulations and documents
  • Elections
  • Enforcement of covenants and restrictions
  • Mortgage foreclosure assistance
  • Parliamentary procedure for meetings
  • Transitioning from developer to owner control

Association boards have hefty duties that can impact their owners. It can be challenging to execute all duties properly without disputes or other concerns arising. Whether an association is self-governed by owners or employs a professional property manager to oversee day-to-day operations, it is important to have legal guidance.

Legal Assistance for Condominium Unit and Home Owners

Home owners also deserve proper legal representation when they face a dispute with an association. Associations will likely have legal assistance, so home owners should have similar guidance and advocacy.

One common conflict involves alleged violations of restrictions set out in the association covenants and restrictions. These restrictions must be within the limits of the law, and home owners should not have their property rights infringed upon by associations if the restrictions are unreasonable or unlawful.

Another critical issue is assessments, fees, and dues that cover the common area and maintenance costs. These assessment's should not be excessive and place unreasonable obligations on home owners. There is an important balance for associations to ensure they protect the good of the community while still complying with the rights of individual owners, and the right attorney can help preserve this balance.

Home owners should stay aware of their rights when it comes to association action, and they should not back down if an association is acting wrongfully. If an owner believes that a restriction or assessment is in violation of their rights, they may take legal action. If the association believes that the allegations are unwarranted, it might fight against liability, which can lead to litigation. Each party in this situation needs proper representation from an association attorney.

Consult with an Association Lawyer

The Gaskill Law Firm provides legal assistance for associations of all types and sizes, as well as property owners subject to the restrictions and obligations of an association. We can review your legal concerns and provide advice and representation.

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