Shareholder, Partner, and Member Disputes

Disagreements can arise amongst owners in a privately held company for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, both owners, whether shareholders, partners, or members, bringing the allegations and those defending against them need proper legal representation.

Common Disputes

Gaskill Law Firm represents parties in owner disputes regarding the following and more:

  • Violations of shareholder, partnership, and operating agreements
  • Differences of opinion regarding company management and expenditures
  • Capital contribution or dividend disparities
  • Breach of fiduciary duty cases
  • Conflicts between minority and majority owners

Whether a dispute is regarding the direction of the business, finances, or other issues, it is essential for parties to fight for their investments with the right legal counsel. Failing to take appropriate action can result in significant and undeserved losses.

Dispute Resolution

As soon a conflict begins to arise, parties can proactively work to address and resolve the matter through informal negotiation between their attorneys. Such a resolution is often ideal, as it saves all parties resources, and our legal team skillfully negotiates owner dispute resolutions.

However, many disputes involve disagreements that have been transpiring for some time, and negotiation might not be adequate to resolve the matter favorably. Shareholder agreements might require arbitration instead of litigation, which might seem like a less formal process. Arbitration can be binding, so it is still critical to have qualified legal assistance during such proceedings.

Mediation is another option that parties might use to attempt the resolution of a dispute. Parties should retain legal counsel during mediation to ensure they do not agree to sign an unfavorable mediation agreement.

Litigation might be unavoidable in some owner disputes. Owner litigation can involve many critical issues, including how a company is managed and future strategy. Remedies can vary depending on the nature of the dispute, and they range from damages to court-ordered buyouts, and even the dissolution of the company. There is no question that these are high-stakes claims. Parties should have legal counsel and representation throughout the entire dispute resolution process to protect their interests.

Representing Clients in Owner Disputes

Gaskill Law Firm represents both owners who believe that their rights are being violated and companies dealing with owner claims. Both sides of the dispute have interests that need protection. Our legal team can assist with early-on negotiations, as well as the entire litigation process should it become necessary.

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