Business Law and Litigation

Gaskill Law Firm is a full-service business law and litigation firm assisting a wide range of companies. Having sound advice whenever necessary sets a business up to thrive, and even the savviest business owners need experienced legal counsel and guidance. Our legal team provides both proactive and responsive representation tailored to each client's specific needs and objectives.

Enabling a Successful Start for New Enterprises

Launching a new venture requires a seemingly endless series of decisions, documents, and other arrangements to ensure your business starts on the right foot. A business attorney can assist with:

  • Selecting the form of the business entity
  • Preparing and submitting all documents to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations
  • Ensuring the venture meets all regulatory and licensing requirements before launching operations

Counseling Business Entities

When businesses need legal advice or assistance, they may not have in-house counsel to turn to. Not every company requires inside legal staff, though they might need legal assistance on a regular basis. Our firm provides general counsel services for businesses of all types, and we can weigh in on a wide range of legal matters.

General counsel services include advice regarding employment complaints, proper termination of employees without risking litigation, corporate bylaw and records issues, regulatory compliance, contract drafting and negotiation, and leasing and property issues.

Experienced Business Litigators

Whether a business is a small enterprise or large corporation, legal conflicts are bound to arise, potentially resulting in threatened or actual litigation. Having a strong legal advocate is critical to protect business resources.

Our lawyers address many business issues, such as:

  • Shareholder and partner conflicts
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Commercial leasing disputes
  • Competitor claims

Too often, the initial response to a conflict is to turn to the courts and file a lawsuit immediately. This can be a costly mistake for all parties involved. There are other methods of dispute resolution that can resolve issues without the need for litigation. Our firm represents businesses during pre-suit negotiations, mediations, and arbitration proceedings.

If litigation is necessary, our objective is to resolve each dispute efficiently while protecting the rights of our clients.

Business Law and Litigation Attorneys

Gaskill Law Firm provides effective legal counsel in the course of ordinary business and addresses legal disputes in a manner consistent with our clients' business objectives. We are ready to assist any company in need of legal counsel or advocacy.

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