Contract Law

As company owners and executives know, contracts are the foundation of business. Contracts can breed success for an enterprise, or create significant liability and losses for involved parties. To best ensure that a contract is robust without unreasonable or unenforceable terms, parties to the agreement should have legal oversight from a contract law attorney.

Gaskill Law Firm provides legal assistance regarding:

  • Commercial transactional contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Independent contractor and subcontractor agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Licenses

We represent individuals, companies, property owners, contractors, and other parties to high-stakes contracts.

Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Review

The initial stages of contract negotiation are critical to the overall success of an agreement. With the right drafting and negotiation up front, parties to a contract can often preserve their contractual relationships and prevent later conflicts. We draft and negotiate agreements with provisions designed to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Each agreement should be tailored to specific circumstances, and parties should not simply reuse past documents or rely on boilerplate terms to protect their interests. We draft contracts with the goals of our clients taking center stage. We also review contracts presented by other parties to identify any unfavorable provisions or missing terms. Our legal team skillfully negotiates to achieve a favorable agreement prior to our clients signing a contract.

Breach of Contract Claims

When one party breaches a contract, it can be costly for everyone involved. It may be prudent for the parties to work to resolve disputes quickly to avoid escalating the matter. A contract attorney can help clarify the terms of the agreement and the responsibilities of the parties to aid in pre-litigation communications.

If negotiations and clarification of the contract do not resolve the problem, our attorneys can guide you through appropriate alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including mediation and arbitration. Many agreements mandate that parties engage in ADR upon a breach instead of immediately initiating costly litigation.

Some contract disputes require litigation. Whether our client is filing the lawsuit or defending against claims, we provide representation to protect their contractual rights.

Experienced Contract Law Attorneys

Contract law is nuanced, and many agreements have highly complex terms that mask potential red flags. Whether you are considering entering into a new contract or want advice about your rights under an existing agreement, we are here to help.

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