Construction Law and Litigation

The Gaskill Law Firm provides legal counsel for a wide range of parties in construction matters. These are often complex ventures, and each party should have proper guidance to protect their rights and interests.

We have a diverse client base in our construction law practice; we have represented:

  • Construction managers
  • General contractors
  • Material suppliers
  • Property owners
  • Specialty trade contractors
  • Subcontractors

Legal concerns might arise during any phase of construction, and our firm is equipped to address any questions or disputes.

Construction Law Representation

Construction projects have multiple components and players, and many things may go wrong. We are prepared to provide advice throughout a project, including contract drafting and negotiation, bidding representation, legal compliance matters, and insurance coverage questions. Whether someone is renovating a home or embarking on a multi-million dollar commercial development project, covering all legal bases is critical to success.

Construction Litigation

With multiple parties coordinating and contracting on a single project, legal disputes often arise regarding construction. Such disputes might happen despite having sound legal advice and contracts heading into a project.

The key is to address these conflicts head-on in the most efficient manner possible while still protecting the rights of our clients. Improperly handling a dispute can result in costly liability and losses.

Some construction litigation we handle involves:

  • Contract obligations
  • Construction defect claims
  • Enforcing or defending against construction liens
  • Payment conflicts, including change orders

In many scenarios, such disputes can be resolved through professional negotiation by a construction attorney. If unsuccessful, contract provisions might require that parties engage in arbitration or mediation in lieu of immediately pursuing litigation.

Advocating for Owners

Property owners often have less leverage in disputes, because they typically do not have extensive knowledge of the construction process. They might experience delays or other setbacks that can substantially impact their budget for a project. In addition, there may be construction defects once the project is complete that require costly repairs. We also assist owners facing mechanics' liens and claims of nonpayment from contractors, subcontractors, and others working on the project.

Knowledgeable Construction Law and Litigation Representation

Construction is a lucrative industry, but when something goes awry, parties involved in a project can incur substantial losses. Such losses are often avoidable with the proper assistance from an experienced construction law attorney.

The legal team at Gaskill Law Firm works with a variety of parties to construction contracts, and our objective is to prevent conflicts from arising, but when they do, resolve them in our clients' favor as efficiently as possible.

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