General Counsel

As business owners know, the law applies to nearly every aspect of a business, and mishandling legal matters can lead to costly losses. Gaskill Law Firm regularly fills the role of general counsel for business clients that do not have their own in-house counsel. We aim for this relationship to be seamless once we familiarize ourselves with the nature and objectives of a business. Whether a company has compliance needs or concerns regarding a complex legal conflict, our team can assist.

Matters Our General Counsel Handle

As the outside general counsel, Gaskill Law Firm can address a wide range of legal concerns, including:

  • Contract review, drafting, negotiation, and litigation
  • Employment matters
  • Corporate law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property
  • Shareholder or owner disputes

Our attorneys can perform any legal services that in-house counsel might, though we assist small businesses in an a la carte manner that is in line with their specific needs and financial resources.

Benefits of Our General Counsel Services

Our law firm can serve as a partner and general advisor on important legal issues regarding all business operations and transactions. First, we will take the time to learn a business and what is important to the owners and management, so we know how to most effectively help when issues arise. Working with the same attorney on each matter can save time and resources, as owners do not have to explain their business operations and objectives to a new lawyer each time.

Most small business owners are legally savvy and have a good idea of the law that applies to their enterprise. However, dealing with legal matters takes time and energy, and most successful business owners do not have much to spare. We allow owners to focus on overseeing operations while we oversee their legal matters.

We can engage in proactive legal measures to prevent conflicts, as well as reactive measures when conflicts arise. We are a full-service business law firm that can handle any legal matter a business faces with precision and reliability. If owners are seeking solutions to their company's legal matters but do not wish to hire full-time inside counsel, they should consider learning more about our outside general counsel services.

General Counsel Services

The Gaskill Law Firm knows that a company's priority is the success of their enterprise, and part of ensuring success is addressing legal matters as efficiently and effectively as possible. We offer general counsel services to assist businesses throughout the area, so please contact our firm online or call us at 941.926.6039 to learn more about how we can work with your business. We can customize an arrangement to meet your business needs and remain in line with your resources.

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